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If you’ve been looking for the right SEO and analytic company, you’ve come to the right place. With over 636,471 users and 1,472,583 analyzed websites, Semalt satisfied customers with reviews to show. But for our readers who are yet to understand the meaning of SEO and web analysis is, you should stick around. 

Welcome to Semalt, a leading SEO and analytics website. We aren’t any regular Mickey Mouse company that aims to make away with your hard-earned money. Instead, we are a Full-stack digital agency. You also get to meet our team of experienced and professional members.  

Our team members are SEO and Web analyst specialist that are always ready to attend to all your needs. You should feel free to meet them and talk with them. They are talented, proactive and motivated workers who have many IT projects on their portfolio. You should also meet turbo, the Semalt symbol, and our office turtle pet.

If you're still wondering what exactly we do, here is an explanation.

Semalt offers SEO and Analytic website services to help generate and leads for our clients. We go further to analyzing websites and ensure that those leads are converted to clients. So yes, we help you make money by attracting clients to your businesses using the Internet.  

In internet marketing, clients who have benefitted from using SEO usually utter statements like SEO rocks!!! And here is why

Understanding the importance of SEO and Web Analytics

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is an organic way to get your web content ranked by Google. Many times, users advertise or post content on the internet without understanding how it works. Imagine a market place of over 4 billion users and over 1.5 billion websites. Yes, not all these websites offer the same services, but again none is unique. Whatever it is you want to do, there’s another website offering something similar. So, to ensure your products get recognized, we use SEOs. 
You know how you sometimes go on Google to search for a product and or a topic, but you get pages of responses? I’m sure you have, you don’t need to answer that. 

However, Google arranges your search results in a particular order. Now, that isn't luck, it's the effect of SEO. Most people who use the internet today find the answer to the questions they ask in the first five search results that are displayed. This means that internet users hardly ever visit the other 5-7 results on the first page. Then, think of search results on the second page, or the third. Have you ever searched for something and had to go to the third page? This shows how important effectively using SEOs can be.  

As a business owner or a website, you want to generate as much traffic as possible simply because more clicks most likely mean more money (frankly). So when your website or services shows up in the first three search results, you know it's a big deal. That is why you need us.

Semalt puts you at the top of the food chain, you get seen first. To do this, we make use of keywords and extensive web analysis. Although keywords are the magic words of the internet, you still need web management for users to click, read, or order. These factors help Google, and other search engines quickly locate your content when any user searches anything closely related to you.

So, if a user is looking for where to buy shoes, Google immediately looks for keywords on websites, but without a proper website, users won't bother shopping on your site. 

Here is a list of services Semalt offers 

Auto SEO

This kind of SEO guarantees great results in a short while. This SEO package is really a full house package for your online business. 
  • This  increases your website's visibility 
  • You get on-page optimization
  • We provide link building 
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Web analytic reports
Creating an awesome website isn't all it takes to generate traffic. If you lack the knowledge on how to drive it to the top position in Google, it hardly matters. For the price of only $0.99, you start an SEO campaign that puts you at an advantage. Even as a beginner in search engine optimization, we provide you with everything that you will need to promote your website online. We provide access to this set of white hat SEO techniques for your projects. Or, you can deliver to your client’s better customer experiences by providing SEO services based on our unique technology. Let the affordable Auto SEO work for you and provide quick results and 100% effectiveness.

Who is this offer for? 

Auto SEO can be beneficial to webmasters, small businesses or startups, companies, and freelancers.


This is an advanced SEO technique that is designed for the success of your business. This gets you to the top of Google.

This package offers:
  • Internal optimization
  • Website error fixing 
  • Content writing 
  • Link earning 
  • Support and consulting
The goal of any business should be to be the best. Imagine your company appearing on the Forbes largest company list. Don’t disregard the thought; it is possible with three crucial things sales, profits, and partnerships. These three key ingredients are what you need to survive in the business world.  

FullSEO will help you blend all three ingredients, giving you a head start to prosperity. Our teams of SEO professionals develop and implement an individual plan for search engine optimization and web promotion tailored specifically to fit your business needs. With our help, your corporate site will take not only the first page but at the top place in Google's organic search. Whenever people look for any product similar to what you offer, we will drive them to your site.

Who benefits from Semalt FullSEO?

While our FullSEO package is mainly designed for business projects and e-commerce, it is also beneficial to startup owners and webmasters as well as entrepreneurs who wish to make the most of their websites. 

Semalt Web Analytics 

We analyze your websites and take them to Google’s top 10 in the shortest time possible. By using Semalt keyword ranking and checkers, you get to stay on-trend.

We provide services such as :
  • Checking your website ranking
  • Unveiling your website's visibility on the web
  • Exploring competing websites 
  • Identify page optimization mistakes 
  • Receive comprehensive web ranking reports. 
Have you been trying to reach the top, but it just isn't working? Your target audience isn’t finding your website? Get answers to these questions by using our FREE Semalt Web Analytics for your website analysis and examination. Our online web keyword rank checker also shows your website position on Google SERPs. After this, we suggest keywords that will attract your target audience. Find out what people search for the most and tell them what they need. By monitoring your competition, we figure out their secrets to success. After that, we modify and use this new knowledge for your online promotion. 

Finally, we generate detailed web reports and help fix errors that we notice. As web gurus, we help you and your website become rich.  

Who benefits from Semalt Web Analytics?

We recommend this for everyone who wants to get the most out of their websites. Webmasters, small business owners, companies, startups, and freelancers can also use this service.

Web Development 

We create amazing websites for any industry and user. The sites we create can become the digital HQ for everything online, ranging from online companies, private businesses, and shops, or studios for creators, artists, an all other users who have amazing ideas they need to get on the internet. You can count on our professional services to get the attention you deserve.  

Your websites appearance says a lot about your product. Appealing images, colours, and design matters as much as your dressing does in real life. An appealing website can be the determining factor of who stays to view the contents of your websites. 

Our web development program offers:
  • Attractive and functional design
  • Implementing CMS solutions
  • Increasing visibility 
  • Smooth plugin integration and API
  • Boosting E-commerce
  • Support and maintenance 
Who benefits from the Semalt web Development plan?

Webmasters, small business owners, companies, startups, and freelancers should feel free to check this out. 

Video production

Take ordinary things and make them extraordinary. We give your ideas, life, motion, voice, and action.
  • We develop your concepts
  • Write the script
  • Produce the script
  • Use professional voice covers
Don't just tell viewers what you offer, show it. To be ahead of your competition, you need to think outside the box. Do something far greater than what your rival may consider. With our help, you will have awesome cooperate videos which of no doubt will impress your prospective customers. Tell us your ideas and watch us transform it to promotional videos that you can publish to turn your clicks to customers. Videos make an interesting way to communicate your services. You say a lot more over a shorter period of time and let them remember your brand as they share your videos with their friends. You get to enjoy free marketing because of quality description videos.

Full Stack

One day, it occurred to us that what helped our business could work for others. We help you create a brand, and we promote it on the web. We know that we all like doing most things by ourselves, but certain jobs should be left for the professionals. Let us get you amazing results in our work. With years of experience you get the perfect piece of cake without suffering the challenges we faced adjusting our recipe. We will professionally build and develop a strategy for your websites promotion on the web. 
This is what we refer to as Full-stack digital services.  

Our clients are always satisfied, and they do well to leave us with amazing stories of how their website, which was previously nowhere to be found, is now ranked among the top sites. If you wish to see more, these cases can be found here.  

Semalt is open to everyone, regardless of the language you speak. Our managers will find a common language with you. After all, we speak major languages like English, French, Italian, Turkish, and much more.

We understand that realizing your goals may sound a bit much. But, with our help, you do not need to carry the burden on your own. Our experts make all these difficult tasks easy. In the end, our objective is to ensure that not only are you satisfied but that your website is at the top.

Why don’t you register with us today and be part of the leading team!!!